4 x 4 Unit

Monthly meetings held on the second Tuesday of the month at 1900 at the SAR barn.

Unit Description and Capabilities

The 4 X 4 unit is the base for almost all operations. The unit is responsible for transporting personnel and equipment to incidents. The unit also operates the organization's vehicles on searches by covering road systems. They can be called upon to drive and set up the scene command post for remote areas of operation. Members utilize the vehicles and radio systems to act as radio repeaters between those in the field and the dispatch. The unit trailers various equipment behind the vehicles and operates in all weather conditions.

Member’s Requirements

Members need to be physically and mentally fit to safely operate vehicles in stressful situations. The members need to be able to lift 50 lbs to aid in loading and unloading gear. Members need to have a clean drivers license. Some minor violations are allowed. Members need to posses a calm disposition when driving and on incidents. Members need to be able to learn or can drive safely in various road conditions including ice, snow and mud. Learn or able to learn trailer backing and driving, winching vehicles, putting on tire chains and driving in off road situations.

Specialized Classes

Classes are generally taught during training and encompass the skills needed to safely operate the organizations fleet of vehicles. Members need to have and keep current their drivers license.

Equipment Needed By Members

Equipment in the Unit’s Inventory