ATV/Snowmobile Unit

Unit meets on open days as needed. No specific day and time at this point. Riding practices and training take place on the weekends.

Unit Description and Capabilities

The ATV and Snowmobile unit is referred to as the end of the road unit. They start where the road ends. This unit provides searching and transporting capabilities on ATV's and snowmobiles in areas that are not accessible by trucks. They operate behind Kelly humped roads, on closed and grown in trail systems and can add another dimension of search on standard roads. The emphasis switches from ATV to snowmobiles as the season changes to winter.

Member’s Requirements

Members need to be in average physical condition for the various activity levels involved and in good health. Members should be able to lift 125 pounds to assist in rescue situations. There might be situations that arise that require more strenuous activity. Attendance in classroom training and fieldwork is necessary to maintain a proficient level of riding experience. Members are not required to have their own ATV or snowmobile but there are two ATV's and four snowmobiles owned by DTSR.

Specialized Classes

The ATV/Snow unit conducts training in riding and equipment use during the year. These training days are required to stay current in the unit's operational status. Classes in ATV riding and practical skills are geared to member's needs and experiences. Snowmobile classes are more involved and include avalanche awareness and training. Classes will be conducted 4 to 6 times each year.

Equipment Needed By Members

Equipment in the Unit’s Inventory