Boat Unit

Monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 1900 at the SAR barn. Other training's will be announced in the monthly news letter and on the bulletin board calendar.

Unit Description and Capabilities

The Boat Unit is comprised of 3 areas.

  1. Boat Team- Safe and effective use of the Jet Boats in the river, navigation of the currents, many obstacles and hazards involved in running the river as well as lake operations. These boats enable us to do our water searches and transport personnel and equipment.
  2. Swift Water Team- This group is trained to enter fast moving water either by means of Swift Water boards to effect a search, or rescue in areas inaccessible by boat. This may include swimming out to victims to affect a rescue. This team is trained to swim in current and rapids. Their tools include rescue boards, ropes, throw bags as well as rope systems.
  3. Ice Rescue- As the name implies, we respond to victims trapped on or that have gone through the ice and are unable to self-rescue.

Member’s Requirements

Specialized Classes

Equipment Needed By Unit Members

Equipment in the Unit’s Inventory