Canine Unit

Monthly meetings held on the first Saturday of the month at 0900 at the SAR barn. Other trainings will be annonced in the monthly news letter and on the bulletin board calendar.

Unit Description and Capabilities

The canine unit utilizes trained dogs and handlers to help locate missing persons in search situations including lost or missing persons, avalanche victims, drowning victims or in the recovery of bodies. They are also a critical element in their unique ability to track and detect evidence for investigations dealing with drugs or other articles discarded by suspects. They operate in all weather and conditions.

Member’s Requirements

There are specific requirements for members and K-9’s. The Standard Operating Guidelines of the unit are available in the DTSAR Member's Handbook. A brief overview would be for handlers or other human members to be SAR Tech II certified pass pack test at level 2 or better and attend unit meetings. K-9’s in the unit need to complete obedience class, maintain current veterinarian records, pass Canine Good Citizens test and be in good physical condition.

Specialized Classes

The unit follows National Search Dog Alliance guidelines for its certification of handlers and canine’s. The trainings or meetings are set up to meet the NSDA requirements. Classes needed for certification that are not available locally will be made available to members as allowed.

Equipment Needed By Unit Members

Certified Canines Resources