Dive Unit

Monthly meeting held on the first Tuesday of the month at 1900 at the SAR barn. Other training's will be announced in the monthly news letter and on the bulletin board calendar.

Unit Description and Capabilities

The role of the Dive Team, unfortunately, tends to be recovery. Given the time frame involved from time of incident to callouts to on scene deployment, chance of a rescue is low (Golden Hour). In years past, most diver callouts have been in the river, however the area lakes have also claimed victims. When asked, DTSAR will respond to assist neighboring counties. We also recover boats, snowmobiles, vehicles and the occasional airplane.

Member’s Requirements

Diving is highly physical and members should recognize their limits. All divers are required to undergo a dive physical to be a member.

Specialized Classes

Classes are set up as needed and will be announced.

Dive Team- Eligibility as per SOG's. New members, regardless of any other certification must complete the Public Safety Diver program. Generally held at least once each year and will be announced.

Equipment Needed By Unit Members

Members are required to have a good wet suit (at the minimum), or a semi dry suit (a dry suit would be the best if you can afford one). Also needed are a hood, gloves, boots, mask, snorkel, fins. and a weight belt. At some point it is suggested that divers purchase their own BCD and regulators with gauges. However, DTSR does have these items for use.

Equipment in the Unit’s Inventory

4 complete SCUBA sets, 20+ tanks, 2 dry suits, 2 u/w cameras. 4 lift bags, 2 EXO’s with top side comm unit, 4 Carlson boards, 8 sets (helmets, vests, throw bags, Z systems, Churchill fins, 4 Baylor suits, 1 Mustang suit, plus too much more incidental equipment to list