Mountain Unit

Monthly meetings held on the fourth Tuesday of the Month at 1900 at the SAR.

Unit Description and Capabilities

The mountain unit is the ground search unit of the organization. The unit operates in all terrain and weather conditions. Operations conducted in remote and wilderness settings highlight the unit’s unique capabilities. The unit is trained in avalanche, technical rescue skills, alpine climbing/rescue, rock climbing and orienteering. The mountain unit also assists and operates in rural and urban settings. Rope rescue and setting up systems in rescue situations are also part of the unit’s role.

Member’s Requirements

Members need to be physically and mental fit for the units assignments. Wilderness searches and rescue operations demand top physical conditioning and a level 1-pack test qualification is required. Urban searches are set at level 2 pack test qualifications. Members are strongly recommended to have SAR TECH II certification.

Specialized Classes

Trainings and classes are set up to provide the skills and practical applications for the unit’s role. Specialized classes are targeted as needed and provided to all members. Classes in setting up highline rope rescue, steep angle rope work, alpine/snow travel and cross-country orienteering are examples.

Equipment Needed By Unit Members

Personal equipment needed for all Mountain Unit members include rugged boots and clothing suitable for the season. Pack with additional clothing, personal survival equipment, headlamp, food and other personal items including DTSAR orange apparel.

Equipment in the Unit’s Inventory

DTSAR equipment inventory includes a limited number of harnesses and helmets. There is a limited supply of mountain rescue equipment designated to accomplish most regional rescue situations.